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I know it sounds impossible.


You can do all that and more. All I ask is…

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So why should you believe me, when everyone else and their brother seems to make this type of claim on their own “dating” websites on the internet?


Because unlike those OTHER so-called “gurus,” I’m actually taking guys out to bars and clubs and teaching them my tactics ALL THE TIME.

I’m not some wanna-be sitting around in his armchair telling you what I THINK you should be doing.

I’m the guy who actually goes out, finds what works, and then teach others what I know to be true.

Look, I’ve been teaching guys how to attract women for years. I started back in 2002. Since that time, I have been a certified in-field workshop instructor for some of the best in the business. (And if you don’t believe me, go check out The Game by New York Times Best Selling Author Neil Strauss, and look for the character “Maverick.”)

And during all my time going out in the most HOSTILE pick-up environments known to man, dealing with loud music, jealous boyfriends, and “best friends” looking to drag off my target the first chance they get, I’ve been able to hone my abilities to an unprecedented level.

But most of all, because my teachings work so well in such high-pressure environments like bars and clubs, they totally CRUSH IT in more laid back venues, like coffee shops, malls, grocery stores, etc.

But despite all the different tactics and techniques I have, there is once central theme that runs through them all.

And I’m about to reveal it to you…

Here Is The SECRET To Attracting Any Woman You Want!

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1,000 times…

It all comes down to: CONFIDENCE.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that’s just some cop-out B.S. claim. After all, we always hear women talking about how they like “confident” guys.

In fact, I’m willing to bet you probably can’t even put the definition of “Confidence” into words!

(I know I couldn’t, back when I was just starting out).

But imagine if you will…

You’re in a loud dance club. Maybe it’s a place you really don’t like to go to because it’s too loud and there’s too much competition. But you’re there anyway.

You see a drop-dead sexy girl over by the bar, and she is completely surrounded by guys, all better looking and cooler than you are.

Now, imagine being able to walk up to her – completely WITHOUT fear or nervousness – and get her so attracted to YOU, that she blows off all those other losers and ends up leaving with you that night!

Now imagine… that it’s not just your imagination! It’s actually completely possible!

And it’s true. It is possible. And you CAN do that.

All you need are the FOUNDATIONS upon which to build your confidence to such a level, that you can’t imagine a woman NOT wanting to choose you over some other shlub.

And here’s how you can do it…

It’s Time To Put The Breaks On What Hasn’t Worked For You, And Start Doing What DOES Work!

Let’s face reality: I’m only one man.

I can’t possibly take every single person who wants it out into the field and teach them personally. It just isn’t physically possible.

So I did the next best thing.

I sat down and killed a couple of legal pads by dumping the entire contents of my brain onto paper, and I eventually compiled it into a book!

But this isn’t just any book. Oh, no.

This is THE BOOK! It’s your one-stop training guide that will teach you, step-by-step, exactly what you need to do to become irresistible to women.

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I don’t mince words, and I tell it like it is. If the cold hard truth about the way the world works and how women REALLY think offends you, leave now. I don’t want to waste your time or mine. Continue to read ONLY if you’re serious about enjoying true success in your love life.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover…

  • Easily attract ANY woman you desire when your learn the fundamental structure of attraction step-by-step.
  • Learn the core attributes that make a man appealing and irresistible to women, and you'll become irresistible to women - regardless of what kind of a car you drive, your financial income, and your physical looks.
  • I'm going to hand-deliver to you the 3 hidden treasures of confidence that all natural ladies men possess that will have women FLOCKING to you in no time (seriously, bring your pepper spray, you'll have to be warding them off!).
  • Approach and attract exactly the type of women you desire (even if you feel she's out of your league) with hard-core proven confidence building techniques.
  • Learn the secrets on how to control conversations so that you are never at a loss for words. No more awkward silences!
  • You will never have to worry about not knowing how to reply to someone's condescending comments once you master my powerful re-framing tactics!
  • Understand the common body language mistakes most men make that disqualifies them before they even say a single word, and how to avoid them!
  • Eliminate the guess-work that comes with seduction by following my step-by-step exercises specifically designed to make you irresistible to women - no matter what your current level of skill is.
  • Learn one of the most important secrets of seduction that's so powerful, you will be able to use it to generate powerful attraction in the opposite sex.
  • Approach the women you desire without hesitation or angst after unleashing the hidden power of identity, self-image, and inner game.
  • A comprehensive step by step guide to storytelling that will make you the center of attention with any woman you're talking with.
  • Learn how to break free of your negative beliefs and poor social programming and charge full steam ahead into a life filled with beautiful women who all want to be with you.
  • Get the full "attraction roadmap" that will tell you exactly when to make your move (and not get rejected in the process!)
  • Never put your foot in your mouth again. I'm going to give you concrete tactics so you know exactly what to say and WHEN to say it so you can avoid any and all "crash and burn" scenarios.
  • Train yourself to be among the small percentage of men who are successful with women, and take on the mantle of "Casanova, Don Juan, Ladies Man, and Player."

And you know what the cool thing is?

I haven’t even begun to SCRATCH THE SURFACE of what you’re going to get out of this book. Here are specific examples right out of the book.

  • BODY LANGUAGE PHOTOS. Learn how proper body language works and avoid common body language mistakes that will blow your chances. This is the only ebook I know of that specifically shows you body language photos. Pages 34 through 43
  • Unique Exercise to improve your tonality that will enable you to attract more women naturally. Page 46
  • One of the most important characteristics in causing attraction that you probably won’t find in any other product. Page 51
  • Why she is saying “Let’s just be friends.” Page 120
  • Why she is not returning your call even though she seemed so damn interested when you two first met. Page 121
  • Should you compliment a woman upon meeting her? Find out on Page 148
  • Learn how to detect bad advice that will harm you in the long run. Page 164
  • Learn how women will feel when you possess these characteristics. Page 183
  • The 5 essential attributes that create that animal magnetism. Page 189
  • Creating a strong and unshakable reality that will attract women to you. Page 62
  • 3 Types of leading and the significance of each one. Page 66
  • How the analytical brain sabotages men. Page 86.
  • Effective exercise for the analytical person. Page 87
  • The most common mistake in storytelling and how to avoid it page. Page 101
  • Understanding the dating process. Page 119
  • Learn my discovery of the most prolific characteristic that creates attraction in women. Page 177
  • Understand proper attitude, the key to gaining it, and how it ties to your identity. Page 113
  • A fantastic way to strike up a conversation with a woman in a bar or a nightclub that will work almost every time. Page 132
  • Learn about the different phases of conversations, and why the wrong at the wrong time will cost you dearly. Page 126
  • Avoid the typical conversational mistaken that destroy your chances in the first few minutes. Page 128
  • The secret to creating deeper rapport. Page 134
  • Should you buy women drinks at a bar? Find that when it’s a good idea and when it’s a terrible idea that will blow your chances. Page 145


But Don’t Take My Word For It, Here Is Proof Straight From The Horse’s Mouth My Stuff WORKS!

You don’t have to believe me. I’m WAY too good at tooting my own horn. So instead, I’ll let other people do the talking for me. Here’s what my former students have to say about how my teachings have helped them:

“I’d proclaim that if anyone would read this book cover-to-cover some 20 times; read the specific sections to what he encounters the hundred or so times he will need to; and do the exercises - he would 1) never ever need to buy another product ever again 2) he would get this totally handled.”




Your book is one of the best books I’ve read on Dating. Most e-books only talk about techniques, or how to “fake it” as a Seducer. You effectively describe the attributes which are essential to being a man who is comfortable with women. If one is able to effectively develop these attributes, methods and techniques won’t matter.”

~David from San Francisco


"I swear this is probably the BEST book I have read on this subject, ever. (The most helpful for me)

You give detailed explanations for everything, examples, and it's all so useful and practical. No useless BS, just everything you need! I looove it man. (And I'm not just saying that for nothing, I've read dozens and dozens of books on the subject, audios, DVDS, etc.) I really feel like I don't need to buy any other products, and I won't. Also.. I feel like I wasted money buying the other products because you taught everything they do on their CDs, and there’s TONS more, and you explained it 10 times better. LOL"

~Mike L


"First of all, OMG! Thank You Soooooooo Much for putting out this book, Cameron. I will HONESTLY admit, that before i bought it, I wondered if a book talking about the attributes of a man that is successful with women could REALLY help my game.

From the Introduction - I was captivated. Your writing style made your material very digestible. And Last of all, I have NEVER felt more convicted and yet more helped from reading a single ebook in my 25 years of life!. You do not realize HOW MUCH you have helped me. I really don’t think that you realize how my life is now changed...and will CONTINUE to change as I internalize your teachings!”


Frankly, there are just way too many testimonials for me to put up all of
them. But as you can see, unlike all the other stuff out there, my techniques
and teachings really WORK.


Still want more proof? Look, I know there are all sorts of guys on the Internet
telling you how great their stuff is. Everyone can claim how great his teachings are sitting behind a computer.

Some people say a man's greatest critics are his own peers, and that may well be true.
So with that thought in mind, before you decide to buy anything from me, please
indulge me for a moment and look at what some of my peers have to say........



Please Read What These Other EXPERTS Have To Say......

Are You Ready For A Change??

Cameron Teone, is one of the most talented Trainers in Natural Approach and Real-World Game.

Cameron helps his clients get lasting results, that go beyond the finer points of cold approaching, and into making long term changes that help you become more comfortable, confident and natural with the whole dating process...


Steve P.

One of the Godfathers of the seduction community
Legendary Guru and coach

Cameron Teone is a friend and a colleague whom I have worked with in the past. I personally endorse very few experts in the area of dating and coaching.

Cameron is definitely one of the guys I endorse as he has a unique ability to teach his clients Natural Game. He can help you become more successful in meeting and attracting women.

The Innergame Guru
Also known as "Rasputin" in Neil Strauss' The Game

Cameron and Seth are good friends of mine (if not great friends). While they never officially worked for MM, they did assist me with students in numerous bootcamps (and I thank them). They are members of my close social circle. We party together regularly.

Cameron and Seth will teach you a thing or two (or three even) about how to pickup women no doubt. They are field-experienced and know the shit. You may see them guest instruct still in my future bootcamps if I can swing it ... and hell, I may guest instruct on theirs if it means getting to hang out with my friends.

Founder of The Mystery Method
Star of VH-1 Show, The Pick Up Artist


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If I were to walk up to you, right now, and told you that you’d be able to actually HAVE your fantasy woman, what would you say?

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But I’m a big believer in the age old saying: “Catch a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

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These reports are specially designed to help you understand the subtext of seduction and the attributes of a seducer by breaking down every single step of a social interaction.

By visually observing these attributes and understanding the details of the social interaction, you can correct your mistakes and learn to communicate your intentions and power through subtext.

(Key: Learn how to communicate through SUBTEXT in order to arouse and attract women.)

The Debriefing Dossier:

Finally, here's A structured guide on understanding your interactions with women! This

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How To Crush Approach Anxiety:

This special ebooklet holds personal techniques I have personally developed to conquer approach anxiety. You won't find these simple techniques and explanations in any other product on the market today. Learn to control your fear and overcome your approach anxiety so that you can approach any women without nervousness AT ALL!

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