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Cameron Teone's work has been featured in various magazines and newspapers. Here are some examples.

This following excerpts taken from an articles written by Tina De Gent who writes for De Morgen, a Belgium Newspaper. (At the time, Cameron Teone was conducting workshops with a few other partners. This workshop took place in Prague.)


'No woman is too beautiful'
An American seduction company, organized a 'workshop seducing' last weekend in Prague. Whoever wasn't satisfied, would receive a refund, but at the end of the three days no one was dissatisfied. De Morgen had the exclusive rights to be witness to the secrets of their program.
By Tina de Gendt

The goddess of cities, that's what Prague, is called sometimes. So, what's a better place of giving a crash course of seduction than here, in the heart of Czech Republic, on the border of Eastern-and-Western Europe? Of course, each European city that respects itself calls itself after an unreachable woman, but of course the Americans who organize the workshop don't know that.

On the contrary to their competition, the instructors work on the self-image of their clients. "Self-confidence is the basis of each social interaction", says Cameron, "and also for attracting women. If you're confident enough, you can convince almost any woman that you're her mister Right, no matter what you look like. Of course you'll get to learn some techniques at the workshops, but the basics are to believe in what you can do."

"The problem of men, scientists, engineers and IT-people in particular is that they think logically. If they see a woman who is objectively more beautiful than they are, they already give up. They forget that the most people are irrational beings, who don't choose by reasoning, but with their feelings. Women let themselves be convinced by a man who touches them emotionally, cheats on her and treats her badly. Why does this happen?"

To attract a woman for yourself, it's only a matter of changing her emotional state. and there are different techniques that can be learnt to do that.

"To change your emotional state, you must key in on three areas: physiology, focus and meaning." A few simple adjustments to your body language can make a big difference. Men who lean back for example, look like a challenge for women. The second area is 'focus'.

In a conversation with a lady, it is important not to wander from her favorite subject of conversation: herself. You have to concentrate on what she wants as well. As soon as you start asking yourself what you can do to please her, you've lost.

Finally, it's important to give the right meanings to the signals you get. "If she says that she can't go with you to bed, don't think 'she doesn't like me', but decide that she already took the possibility into consideration." That's the most difficult area because it's based on a great dose of self-confidence, what's missing in most men.

"Infinity is one of the best visited nightclubs in Prague", says Alexander, the only non-foreign participant of this workshop.

Judging from the amount of men and women standing in line outside, there's little to be commented on that. Initially, the club doesn't differ much from the better clubs of Belgium, but the details still show that we're still in Prague; such as the amount of blondies and the language of the conversations that sound through the hip-hop- beats.

The girls stand in groups of three or four around the dance floor and are all dressed up well and looking gorgeous.

That was something the Americans didn't expect. The wall may have already fallen, but apparently English isn't the universal language everywhere. It looks indeed like a contradiction that the same girls who are shouting 'I'm a Bitch' aren't even able to answer a simple question, but the men will have to put up with it for the time being.

Fortunately there are lots of young Czech ladies who do master the English language a little bit. Sven and Tom have successfully approached a group of four girls and two of them start to lean in to them.

The guys smile triumphantly. Meanwhile Cameron has declared the stairs as his podium.

All seeing he looks down at his troops. With a toothpick in his mouth and a black suit the comparison with the 'godfather' isn't far-fetched.

He gives orders and calls them to order. "Very stressful", he assures, "having to watch out constantly for new flesh and watching how the men are doing."

His men do it extremely well. All of them are at a group of girls now.

When Cameron comes back and sees how Mathew is rubbing the back of his head, he comes out to rescue. It doesn't take long for him to have her all over him, while Mathew still has to put up with 'Ugly girl'. He leaves. "She wasn't ugly", he admits, "but I go for the top 5 % and nothing less".

As Cameron found his way back to the stairs, he asked: "What were you doing? I'm helping you by entertaining one girl, and you blow it off".

Well, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

The other guys are also back from their trip, some defeated, others with their heads bent down. "I don't think I did badly for a first time", says Jonathan happily, "pity that her ex came to her and I had to get away. But she liked me, I'm sure of that."

Meanwhile all girls have been tested, so it's time to go somewhere else.

On to Duplex, a gigantic disco in the center of the new city. The smell of ecstasy hangs in the air and whoever isn't doing drugs is all drunk. Half naked dancers on stage and men everywhere with their eyes wide open. On top of that, the music is very loud, which makes conversation, whether in English or Czech, rather impossible.

As the meeting is opened the next day, the hilarities of language are the subject of conversation. "Who opened the conversation yesterday with 'Do you speak English?'", asks Cameron. Half the group raises their hand, apparently more proud that they dared to do it than being disappointed that it didn't work. "Stop that!! They have a default answer on these kinds of questions", he seemed to know somehow. "What we'll do tonight is to start conversations in Czech." The men look around in a surprised way.

Besides from Alexander, no one speaks one word of Czech. On top of that, the men get to hear from useful sentences from Alexander, like 'how are you', which they all write down on the back of their hand and little notes they put away in their pockets.

..............One of the attendees, Jonathan comes back, walking hand in hand with a beautiful Blondie to a newspaper stand on the middle of the square. Despite the fact that she's one head bigger than him and without any doubt able to get any man she wants to, she starts to kiss him.

The three instructors look at him with open mouth while everyone else says goodbye to their girlfriend. She writes down her number with lipstick on a tissue, which he puts away carefully in his pocket. Only after the goodbye has been sealed with many kisses, he slowly walks in our direction: "The matrix is gone."