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Peer Testimonial from Formhandle (Jay Valens)

My man Cameron is the new Iron Man

Was grabbing dinner last night with TokyoPUA & my friend The_One (Cameron Teone) and it's a typical casual LA chill night, somewhere West Hollywood. Cameron was dressed so casual it was like eating dinner with the "The Dude" (The Big Lebowski). We're all sitting outside at our table chilling.

We didn't even start eating when a super fine hottie came to the place and then got seated nearby. Seemed she was solo, and we all guessed she was probably waiting for someone but, still, this girl was an absolute knockout. So hot that she was somewhat intimidating to even consider approaching. Hey, I'll admit it, there are some girls that make even the best of us hesitate and doubt whether we can even approach without crashing & burning before opening our mouths.

Cam felt as if now there was a challenge thrown down and he looked at his food and seemed like he couldn't even begin to eat unless he at least tried to approach. And if you know Cam, you know the guy loves to eat. So here he was, dressed 2 levels higher than a bum, and in the position where his plan was to leave our table and do a table walk-up on this supreme hottie.

TPUA & I agreed that if he did the approach, his gonads would be so large that he'd be known to us from then on as the real Iron Man. A minute later, he gets up, walks over and does the approach.

Not only does he do the approach, he got past any hesitation from the girl, and the interaction became positive enough that he sat down and chatted with her for about 5 minutes, until her friend showed up -- but still got a means to contact her later.

This is my way to give the guy a massive pat on the back - he comprises what all this is about, and I've hung out with him enough in LA to know that this isn't a one-off fluke from him but actually pretty consistent to his character.

Formhandle (Jay Valens)
Founder of Fast Seduction 101

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