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How It All Began

From left to right: Cameron, David
DeAngelo, Mystery (seated), the original
Sin and on the far right is Craig.

Sometime around December of 2001, through a series of fortuitous circumstances, Cameron was invited to a dinner at a sushi restaurant on a rather cold weeknight in Los Angeles.  It was at this dinner where he met leaders of an underground online “seduction community.”  Attending the dinner was a tall magician who had just flown into town from Toronto.  He referred to himself as “Mystery” and preached about a system he called “The Mystery Method.”  There was another gentleman there as well, who went on to build a dating business empire.  He went by the pseudonym “David DeAngelo.”

This was a pivotal moment in the crossroads of the seduction community, as the gurus had begun teaching their material to a broader audience.  Mystery was in town to conduct his first ever in-field workshop the following weekend.  In that workshop, there would be a socially awkward student who called himself “Chris Powles” who later took the underground community to the mainstream.  Chris Powles later identified himself as Neil Strauss when he later went on to write the New York Times Best Seller “The Game.”

Fascinated by this underground community that taught men how to attract women, Cameron began immersing himself in it.  The following weekend, while hanging out with Mystery, he met Neil/Chris.  Cameron then began doing volunteer work for David DeAngelo and assisted David as he produced his first ever seminar a few months later, titled the “Double Your Dating - Advanced Series.”

At that seminar he encountered and formed lasting friendships with other leaders of the dating community such as Steve P. and two gentleman who ran the biggest dating-seduction website on the Internet.  They went by the pseudonyms “Formhandle” and “TokyoPUA” (Real names: Jay and Ray.)

The famous dinner, pictured, was the very first time David DeAngelo met Mystery. Up until that moment, they were just names on a computer screen. David DeAngelo posted under the name "Sysonpyh" which is "Hypnosis" spelled backwards. This was part of David D's attempt to take a jab at Ross Jeffries [part of the longstanding hatred between the two parties].

Cameron recalls:
"I was also present a week later when Mystery met Neil Strauss for the first time at Mystery's first in-field workshop. Mystery asked me to stop by and see how I liked it. It was a new and revolutionary concept. While today, you see workshops popping everywhere, at the time, no one had taken a bunch of dudes into a bar/club to show/critique them on how to approach women live right then and there.

About a year later, I was up in Northern California. I decided to stop by San Francisco and meet a new up and comer in the community named Tyler Durden. He was teaching an in-field workshop as well, and needed to get to Los Angeles on a cheap budget. So, he and his partner Nick, hitched a ride with me back to LA. I drove Tyler and Nick to Neil Strauss' apartment in Santa Monica.

This was the first time Tyler Durden and Neil Strauss met. They disliked each other from the very beginning.

In retrospect, it's interesting and strange having been part of historic moments of the "Community." At the time, I had no idea what sort of a beast this would become and certainly I didn't ask to be there, but I ended up being the fly on the wall at some of the interesting moments, where some of the biggest and most notorious (sometimes devious) characters of the community first met."


In 2003, he began spending time with other renowned members and started practicing everything he had learned, as well as experimenting with new ideas and observations of his own.  Shortly after, he started assisting Mystery in doing bootcamps out of the now-infamous “Project Hollywood.”

Realizing the limitations of a rigid mechanical structure, Cameron started immersing himself in “Natural Game” the following year.  While an unpopular move at the time, Natural Game has come to be embraced by many teachers and clients alike.  In 2005, Cameron amicably broke away as he stopped teaching rigid methods and began teaching Natural Game, which focuses on helping men develop their attributes, improve their self-image while gaining social intelligence.

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