How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Michael

As I read your book I begin to wonder if you had been following me around my whole life. I could not figure out why I could start a conversion with someone but easily lose their attention.

I learned, reading building attraction that I had no confidence in myself witch translated into the way I dressed, cut my hair, and my demeanor. all because I knew I would fail before I even went out.I used the exercises in the book practiced going out felling that all women wanted me and all men wanted to be like me.

I soon found myself talking to woman in elevators, on the street any where I saw them because why should I deny them the privilege to talk with me. I recently applied for a management job for a large corporation as I went though each interview I knew each man wanted to be like me.

I made sure I sat comfortably, stayed positive with my answers and kept a smile on my face all the way through. Nailed all three left knowing I had the job.

Today I know that when I go out alone that I will only be alone because I chose to not because I was afraid to be turned down. I can not think of a better time in my life as now.

Thank You your book has changed my life for the better

Michael Marion

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