How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Alek

You know. I could tell you that Cameron's book is the best in the world on the topic, I could tell you that it has the potential of changing your life, I could even say that you'll be able to understand all the OTHER books and dating advice once your read this book... But I'm afraid that'll just sound too good to be true even though it is.

So I'll just give you its biggest con first and foremost - its marketing which currently is just like that of all other "dating" books, sure to make you just slot it into the same tired-old sleazy category; Which is a shame, because the irony is that in the sea of same-old dating books, it's the only one that's unique and offers what you REALLY need: a direction!

What makes this book any different or unique to other books? The fact that it makes a perfect symbiosis between inner game and outer game on the one hand, and the theoretical and practical on the other hand as well as implementing the very important concepts of lifestyle and masculinity in a very practical manner... The included exercises easily help in this direction.

You know you could learn all the lines, tricks, techniques, things to say, do, be, have, wear, (which this book includes plenty of) but UNLESS you know how it all fits together: All the knowledge in the world will be like a scattering of a 10000 jigsaw pieces.

Cameron's book I liken to the finished image photo on the jigsaw box. I've certainly had my share of head-explosions from all the conflicting advice I gathered throughout the years, only to have it all suddenly make sense once I read this book. It's like the ultimate precise roadmap to the journey we call "dating mastery".

HINT: It only works this way if you really really really study and refer to it and actually use it as a MAP, rather than a collection of neat ideas. The confusion ends where clarity begins.


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