How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Larry


I just finished your e-book and would like to say it is one of the best and most inspiring dating/self-help product I've seen. You completely hit the nail on the head with the fact that it seems so many people are filling their minds with tactics, techniques etc. In fact, looking back it almost seems that most of the material I've read, seen and listended to has only served to clog my mind. To furthur complicate things, other materials sometimes seem to consider things such as body language as a technique, when it's really an attribute.

Your focus on attributes reminds me of a chapter I recently read in the book, Freakonomics. The chapter was titled "What makes a perfect parent?" and the basic conclusion was that the factors that were statistically correlated with parents of children with good test scores were things that parents _are_, and not things that parents _do_. That is, children who test well have parents that are highly educated, have high socioeconomic status etc; while things such as whether or not the parents read to the children nearly every day, whether or not the child frequently watches televevision, are not correlated. In other words, by time a mother has her first child, it has basically been determined how well the child will do in school, and that child-rearing _technique_ does not really matter at this point.

Similarly, it seems that by time one goes out and starts approaching females, technique is not going to matter, but rather it's who you are. To some extent this was already in my head since seeing you on the Cliffs List 2005 dvd's, but it really didn't sink in until I absorbed the e-book. In fact, once you focus on attributes it frankly makes the whole dating process much simpler, as one really just needs to go out and focus on the basics.

Early in the summer I sent you an email inquiring about workshops and bootcamps and despite listening to your emphasis on atttributes in the cliffs list 2005 dvds, I believe that part of my motivation was writing was that I was searching for solutions to my "technique." Basically, reading the e-book took the dvd material, and then totally injected it into my head on a much deeper level.

All in all, I feel a breath of fresh air and feel like I really can do this. For now I"m just going to start with the basic little things and go from there. In fact, I almost think that listening to DYD interviews multiple times while in the car etc would only serve to clutter my mind, though I'm sure later down the road once I get the basic attributes down that some of that other material will become more useful.

All in all, you could describe me as someone who's read or listened to many of the "main products" out there, though by no means one of those guys with a zillion gigs of seduction material. But of the stuff I have seen I seem to jive with what you say more than most of the others out there.


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