How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Mark

Here's what I would say to people considering the book:

It really is a great investment in yourself. Cameron teaches inner game and how to become that man that women lust after as opposed to techniques.

Lets face it, the guys that you know that always ended up with the women you want didn't run techniques on her... and the techniques that are taught in the industry will not work if you are not congruent... if you do not have the attributes.

However, if you do have the attributes, you can relax and not worry about messing up because it won't matter...she'll still be attracted to you. As far as my results so far, well, I'll just say that women respond to me a whole lot better and I have more women in my life..which is a good thing!

The section on emotional projection should be required reading for anyone interested in improving their situation with women as well as their socail life. I am really glad I made the investment in myself.

It truly is a great book.

-Mark D

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