How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Mike


I just read the whole book, and I'm going back and re-reading chapters and etc.. done the tonality exercises many times already(surprised how much that helps!) Finally I really get it! :)

I swear this is probably the BEST book I have read on this subject, ever. (The most helpful for me)

You give detailed explanations for everything, examples, and it's all so useful and practical. No useless shit or BS, just everything you need!

I looove it man. (And I'm not just saying that for nothing, I've read dozens and dozens of books on the subject, audios, DVDS, etc.) I really feel like I don't need to buy any other products, and I won't. Also.. I feel like I wasted money buying the (name withheld) CDset because you taught everything he did on his CDs, and then TONS more, and you explained it 10 times better. LOL

Anyway man, enough about that, hope you're not TOO weirded out right now =p

By the way I've practised your vegas story and the transexual dancing with your friend in club story (Although I didn't memorize them word for word, just the premise, because it's funny++..oh and because im too lazy to memorize word for word ;))

Anyway I compared them to before I did the tonality exercises for awhile and AFTER.. HUUUUGE difference. And I discovered many of my childhood stories I can tell myself.

Alright, I didn't expect to write this much, thanks for listening and tallk to you soon man! :D

Mike L

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