How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Steve

Steve, 32 year old executive from the East Coast:

I am a 32 year old executive living on the east coast. My situation was as follows: When I was comfortable and relaxed around women I did great, but I was rarely comfortable and relaxed around women. This catch-22 (finally) led me to picking up a copy of "The Game", which led me to order the Cliff's List Convention DVD's, when I heard Cameron speak, a light came on (no joke, my day brightened as I realized that I could not only learn, but actually feel comfortable, doing the things that Cameron was talking about).

Hearing him speak stopped me reading "The Game" and started me living it. Meeting Cameron totally changed my life.

Just days after spending a weekend with him, I watched a woman "test" a few guys I was at a table with. They all failed. I did not. We had sex the next day.

Note to the "other guys at the table" (and if you are reading this my guess is you are one of them): As Cameron will show you, it's not about being smarter, richer or better looking then other guys, its about knowing how to act around women. The ability to identify when you are being "tested" and react accordingly is key. How am I so sure of this? I asked her. Not only was Cameron right, but she hadn't even realized what she was doing until we talked about it. My incite into her actions didn't break the attraction or ruin some "illusion", it turned her on and back to the bedroom we went.

It has been about three months since my trip to LA and I am in a whole different place. It's not that I have instantly turned from shy to outgoing. It's that with each interaction I become more confident in my ability to have a decent conversation with a woman and have her interested in seeing me again.

It's funny because before meeting Cameron, telling a woman I was shy was like admitting defeat, now I know how to say it where she becomes more attracted! It's possible, I swear. I highly recommend the book, but if you can, make it a point to meet Cameron in person, its the best investment I ever made.


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