How To Attract Women

Attract Women

Testimonial from Vincent

First of all, OMG! Thank You Soooooooo Much for putting out this book, Cameron. I will HONESTLY admit, that before i bought it, i wondered if a book talking about the "attributes" of a man that is successful with women could REALLY help my game.

From the Introduction - i was captivated. Your writing style made your material very digestible. And Last of all (before i get to my question),

I have NEVER felt more convicted and yet more helped from reading a single ebook in my 25 years of life!. You do not realize HOW MUCH you have helped me.

I really dont think that u realize how my life is now changed...and will CONTINUE to change as i internalize the Attributes! I dont wanna keep adjulating you, but i HOPE u can understand how deeply you have helped me, Cameron. Thank you very, very much.

Ok, onto my question:

Help!!! What really rings true and what perpetually reverberates in this dome (head) of mine, is that Vincent needs to live in his own reality; posess a STRONG belief system.

Furthermore, i dont know exactly what i want my new identity to be. I just know that it NEEDS to change!! I have written down a few characteristics. I am sure that it will change over time. But for NOW, should i do as i suggested above (write down characteristics and visualize)? I want to begin working on having a strong identity/self image, and of course, consequently a Strong BELIEF SYSTEM.

Thanks in advance.

>-Vincent from AZ

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